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May 8, 2019

I'm a Knicks fan, painful, as it is to admit.  Here's who I want this summer, Kevin Durant.  Here's who I don't want. Kyrie Irving. The best man to play alongside KD is none other than Bronx born Kemba Walker. You heard me right. Let Kyrie be about Kyrie as the Celts go down the tubes to Milwaukee. The same Milwaukee Bucks team the Celtics blew through last year in the playoffs without Irving. Kemba has yet to play alongside a superstar and other talented pieces. There’s not a better place for this to happen than Midtown Manhattan.

Instead of Kyrie Irving bringing out the best in others, he views their success as a threat to his playing time. Furthermore, Kyrie’s inability to commit to the Celtics long term has served as a major distraction. Finally, Irving has been hampered by a laundry list of injuries during his short career.

Walker’s from the Bronx. He’s New York Gritty, ready and willing to bring a championship back to the City. The most attractive part of Kemba besides his game, attitude, and loyalty is his health.