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Topics include both sports and rap, remaining specific and compact, ensuring the material is worth the listeners time as nothing's equivalent to New York Sports and Rhymes.

Apr 19, 2019

Allen Iverson is my favorite athlete and his number 3 means something special to me. After 4 scoring titles and an NBA MVP in 2001. He earned his rightful Nickname, the Answer. There was nothing artificial about his game. He’s also the player responsible for blending sports and rap together.

While I haven’t had the same success as Allen Iverson on the court. It’s fitting that my voice box is the one delivering sports and hip-hop. I’ve faced immeasurable odds in my life and have overcome most of them. That’s not to say I don’t continue to battle. My life was almost ruined by opiate addiction. According to studies, 3% of opiate addicts recover. Has my road to recovery been mistake-free, hell no. Still, I’ll take those odds any day. It’s why I have the Allen Iverson #3 tattooed on my right vein. I know what the answer is. It’s on me to continue paving my lane